Australian War Memorial Canberra

Australian War Memorial

The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is a memorial for all conflicts throughout history that Australian service men and women have been involved with.

The Australian War Memorial is open to the public 10am - 5pm daily except for Christmas Day.

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Lancaster Bomber plane at the Australia War Memorial Canberra


The ANZAC Hall is a large exhibition room out the back of the war memorial with a large number of items on display from the First World War (WWI) and Second World War (WWII). Items on display in the ANZAC Hall include a Lancaster Bomber plane, other aircraft from both WWI and WWII and a Japanese Midget Sub which attacked Sydney Harbour during WWII.

Roll of Honour at the Australia War Memorial Canberra

Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour is 2 walls on the second level of the Australian War Memorial with the names of Australian service men and women who lost their lives during various wars. Poppy flowers are inserted into the wall next to the names by family members.

ANZAC Parade Canberra


ANZAC Parade is the long road directly infront of the Australian War Memorial with views down to Old Parliament House and the new Parliament House. Along ANZAC Parade are various memorials for the various large wars that Australian troops have been involved with. Memorials are spaced along the road for Vietnam War, Korean War as well as general memorials for the Australian Royal Navy, the Australian Army as well as a memorial for New Zealand for the contributions they have made along with Australia.

New Zealand Memorial ANZAC Parade Canberra

New Zealand Memorial Canberra

There are 2 New Zealand Memorials at the start of ANZAC Parade of similar design, 1 on each side of the road. The memorials are inscribed with the words 'Mau tena kiwai o te kete, maku tenei' which means 'Each of us at a handle of the basket'.

Rats of Tobruk Memorial ANZAC Parade Canberra

Rats of Tobruk Memorial Canberra

The Rats of Tobruk Memorial contains a stone which used in the original memorial built in Tobruk in North Africa in the cemetery after the siege that took place between April and December 1941.

Royal Australian Air Force National Memorial ANZAC Parade Canberra

Royal Ausrtralian Air Force National Memorial Canberra

The Royal Australian Air Force was formed on 31st March 1921 having been originally called the Australian Flying Corps which served on the Western Front and in the Middle East durng World War I.