Cabramatta Sydney

Cabramatta Sydney

Cabramatta is a suburb of Sydney located in the south west. If you love Chinatown then you will love Cabramatta! Cabramatta has a large population of Vietnamese people with a stream of immigrants from Vietnam coming to settle here after the Vietnam War. In recent times Cabramatta has seen a flow of people immagrating here from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and China.

Cabramatta has one of the largest diverse populations in Sydney and you will find some of the best Vietnamese food as well as other restuarants from South-east Asia.

It takes around 45 minutes on a train from Sydney's Central station to get to Cabramatta train station. From the station you can walk around the streets of Cabramatta and enjoy the sites, sounds and smells just like you will find in Asia. With loads of fresh food markets, clothing stores and great restaurants.

Restaurants in Cabramatta Sydney

There are so many good restaurants in Cabramatta, from good Vietnamese food like Pho beef noodle soups and grilled pork to other cuisine like Chinese Yum Cha restaurants, Korean restaurants and Chinese Restaurants. Check out these restaurants in Cabramatta:

Location of Cabramatta Sydney